Welcome to your daily dose of Albizia lebbeck!


Albizia lebbeck is originally from southern and eastern parts of Asia. 


Scientific Actions: antiallergic, hypocholesterolaemic.


Sooooo what is the superpower which this little bundle of herb holds? 

Well, in western herbal medicine it’s commonly used to relieve hay fever symptoms; which is something you all wanted to do before the first day of spring! 


 It is also used to help lower high cholesterol! Yep! You can eat this chocolate and it may reduce your cholesterol at the same time! 


 Albizia is used in asthma treatments, respiratory conditions, anxiety, to uplift low moods, sleeping problems, and to ease sore throat’s. 


 In Ayurvedic medicine the seeds are powdered and used to treat blood disorders and purify the blood. 


 Albizia seed is also known to be an aphrodisiac for men. It boost male sexual desire, quantity and quality of sperm. 


All this in one little bundle of chocolate joy!


Weight per ball is 20g before rolled in chocolate.

Weight per ball is approx. 25g to 30g once finished.

Weight per packaging is based on herbal pre-rolled chocbomb.


1 x Pack is approximetly 140g which is 7 Chocballs. 

Albizia CHOCBOMBS 140g (7)

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