Thinking of ways to change up your skincare routine for a tighter and more youthful look?


With Life being busy, the tendency of stress can build up easily. The day-to-day can indeed get hectic, causing you to neglect self-care practices, where relaxing and relief are paramount to our personal duty of care.


There are many simple ways to take care of ourselves. One way is to stick to a skincare routine that helps stop life’s worries from reflecting on our faces like a mask. Stress can definitely make you look years older. By committing to a routine, you’ll help yourself look, feel fresh, and youthful no matter what life throws your way.


Give your face a more radiant and natural glow with the Indulgence by Saffron Face Roller Massage and Gua Sha Stone Pack.


It’s these moments of self-care that help you feel the relaxation that you deserve. Jade, in the mystical world of crystal healing, is known to protect against negative energy. It is our goal to not just help you look good, but also make you feel good.


Product Features

  • 💆TWO TOOLS IN ONE DOUBLE - There’s no need to take sides in the jade roller versus Gua sha stone products debate as we’re offering you both massagers’ items in one face roller flower handle set. This means you get the best of both worlds✨
  • 💆 IMPROVE YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE - If you use serums, creams, or oils, a skin roller can facilitate deep product penetration. The massage roller stimulates blood flow and seals in the product 🥰
  • 💆 SCULPT & CONTOUR - One reason people swear by face massage rollers and Gua sha stones is because of their ability to help sculpt, tighten, and lift up your face for a more youthful look 🌟
  • 💆 HEALTHY CIRCULATION - Gently glide our real jade roller rose quarts or Gua sha stone along your face to activate and promote healthy blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, and help activate chi or energy
  • 💆 A GREAT GIFT - This face sculptor massage roller and Gua sha stone combo will make a great present for your friends or loved ones, whether they practice skincare religiously or are just building their routine 🌟


As A Bonus

  • Include our Licorice root boosting serum which pairs perfectly with this package.


More reasons to include our jade roller and Gua sha in your skincare routine:


Comes together with a pouch

Available in multi-colors with a unique floral handle design

A thoughtful gift for friends or loved ones


Turn skincare into self-care by pampering yourself. Add Indulgence by Saffron’s Face Roller Massage and Gua Sha Stone to your cart TODAY!

Face Roller Massage and Gua Sha Stone

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