Face serum like no other, formulated in a different style containing all the goodies vitamin C, E, hyaluronic acid, Nicotinamide in order to promote anti-aging care & natural collagen and collagen boost.


Simple to use wash and cleanse face, apply 2-3 drops to a cleansed surface of the face, gently massage into the skin spreading evenly in a circular motion. Use daily in the morning and evening as needed and get these wonderful results.


Product Features

  • 💆 BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR SKIN – A Serum like no other, reduces the appearance of pores, brightens your skin giving you a beautiful natural glow, aids in removing shallow scars and marks, remove wrinkles, a remedy to help fight off acne, and other skin conditions helping control skin tone ✨
  • 💆 IMPROVED SKINCARE FORMULA – We carefully crafted a formula alongside our manufacturer dermatologist ensuring top quality and safety. Removing PEGS and known potentially harmful ingredients, and adding our own natural & organic selections. We also included nicotinamide B3 which helps reduce hyperpigmentation, smooth overhaul skin texture and brightens your skin, can also act as a spot corrector 🌟
  • 💆 GOOD ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR SKIN – High in vitamin C, E, active antioxidant & anti-inflammatory activities, and ingredients that support skin health and integrity, with aloe vera which blocks up to 30% of UV rays and protects the skin from sun damage. Hyaluronic acid is heavily involved in promoting and enhancing the skin’s collagen matrix structure, Stephania tetrandra (Fang Ji) increasing comfort and scavenges free radicals to improve skin function✨
  • 💆 SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – Our super booster Serum is vegan and cruelty-free, paraben and gluten-free, naturally derived and sourced, ensuring the best quality facial serum for you. Helping reduce dermis inflammation, providing hydration, improves skin texture, promote suppleness & providing you with beautiful results 🥰
  • 💆 ENHANCED NATURAL BEAUTY – With Licorice root and fruit extract, a combination making this suit for all skin types, dealing with acne, eczema, dermatitis or other skin conditions, reduces wrinkles, reduces dark spots, age spots, rejuvenates, completely restores your skin plumping natural beauty and vitality 🌟


As a bonus:

•              Combine this beautiful formula with our Indulgence by Saffron Face Roller Massage to get some extra benefits.


Top Reasons to include our Licorice Root Boosting Serum in your skincare routine:


Australian Licorice Root Boosting Serum formula

Certified and quality controlled, reviewed by a dermatologist

A thoughtful gift for friends or loved ones

Cruelty, vegan, gluten, PEGS, and paraben-free 


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Licorice Root Boosting Serum

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