Keep Your Feet Soft, Smooth, and Supple with Footish by Saffron.


When you spend hours on your feet every day and you keep them crammed in tight shoes, heels, or even sandals, exposed to the elements it’s likely that they’re dry, rough, cracked, or even covered in tough callouses. That’s why we want to help you restore softness and smoothness by diminishing corns, callouses, or even rough patches so you can feel beautiful and confident.


Soaking your feet in our exfoliating foot masks allows the natural ingredients to help gently peel away dead skin or rough patches in just 3-7 days. In fact, dead skin will fall off completely in 1-2 weeks for fast results.


Our peeling masks for feet pair well with a full day of manicures, pedicures, and facial masks. And because our masks are easy to use and can be done when you’re relaxing at home, you can pamper yourself and enjoy a spa day when you need it most.


Product Features

  • 💆 BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR SKIN – Repair, Replenish, and Protect Skin – Created with natural botanicals that gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells our foot exfoliating masks soothe dry, cracked skin, repair rough heels, and leave your toes feeling baby soft ✨
  • 💆 DEEP MOISTURIZING FOOT TREATMENT – Far gentler than pumice stones, razors, or harsh chemical peels our foot peeling masks also hydrate your skin to restore smoothness, tone, and balance for healthier-looking results 🌟
  • 💆 STIMULATE HEALTHY CIRCULATION – Using foot exfoliating masks regularly not only keep skin soft and smooth it can improve blood flow which can impact coloration, foot odors, or even athlete’s foot. A smart choice for those with active lifestyles ✨
  • 💆 RELIEVE CORNS AND CALLOUSES NATURALLY – Footish by Saffron also acts as a foot peel callus remover and dead skin remover for feet that can diminish the signs of aging on your toes, heels, and even the soles of your feet.  All to keep them youthfully supple and beautiful ✨
  • 💆 HIGH-TESTED AND GENTLE ON SENSITIVE SKIN – Foot exfoliation should be a restorative, relaxing process which is why our botanical-based formula was developed with cutting edge technology and carefully tested to ensure it’s safe for all skin types 🌟


Top Reasons to include Footish by Saffron Foot Mask in your skincare routine:


Botanical Foot Peel Mask (55g)

Moisturizes and Hydrates Skin, Repairs Dry, Cracked Heels

Improves Skin Health and Clarity

Cruelty, gluten, PEGS, and paraben-free, 100% vegan


Turn skincare into self-care by looking after your feet. Add Footish by Saffron Foot Mask to your cart TODAY!

Natural Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask 2 pairs 2 pack 55g each

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