Welcome to our Witch Spritz!


Filled with Witch Hazel water and concentrated magnesium oil derived from ancient deposits of the dead sea. This blend is a beautiful therapeutic mixture.


Witch Hazel water provides you with a soothing scent and toner, while the magnesium oil soothes your soul and calms your body with its healing properties. Witch Hazel is the perfect herbal water to invigorate, cleanse and tone your skin.


Magnesium oil can improve the magnesium levels in your blood. Magnesium is a relaxing mineral which may help you cope with stress and anxiety. Magnesium surpasses the release of stress hormones which prevents these hormones from entering the brain, thus regulating the nervous system and nourishing your general health and wellness.


Our mini spritz comes in a handy 10ml black frosted spritz bottle making it easy for you to carry in your pocket and use whenever you need it!


ING: Ancient Magnesium Oil (Concentrate) & Witch Hazel Water. No other addited ingredients, no nasties, just pure goodness.

Magnesium Spritzer With Herb Witch Hazel